An invitation to the Australian Embassy in Berlin for ‘SUN FLYING’

Palya Art invites you to ‘SUN FLYING’, an exhibition of Indigenous artworks from north-west Australian remote area Art Centers.

Tatali Napurrula's Painting in 'SUN FLYING', 'Untitled', 910 x 610 mm, Acrylic on Belgian linen, © The Artist & Papunya Tula Artists

From 12 July 2013, through to September 2013, exquisite artworks are on disply by distinguished artists, including Tjunkiya Napaltjarri, Eubena Nampitjin and Elizabeth Nyumi.

Painting by Indigenous artist, Alice Nampitjinpa, 'Tali Tali', 1215 x 1215 mm, Acrylic on linen, © The Artist & Ikuntji Artists

‘SUN FLYING’ is curated and presented by Helen Read and Palya Art in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Berlin as part of celebrations for NAIDOC Week worldwide. As Chief Pilot for her own flight company, Palya Art Tours, Helen Read flies visitors across Arnhem Land, Kimberley and Central Australia. Trained in fine art, Helen later worked as a midwife using her aircraft for the Pintupi Homelands Health Service in the mid-1980s before becoming involved with the Papunya Tula Artists movement.

An invitation to see 'SUN FLYING', an exhibition of Australian Indigenous artworks, in Berlin, July - September 2013
Your invitation to ‘SUN FLYING’ in Berlin

‘SUN FLYING’ is a selling exhibition of twelve paintings by ten artists from four Australian Indigenous Art Centres – Papunya Tula Artists, Warlukurlangu Artists, Warlayirti Artists and Ikuntji Artists.

Preview the ‘SUN FLYING’ show online

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