Alice Nampitjinpa’s dramatic sand hill painting ‘Tali Tali’

Alice Nampitjinpa creates her work at Ikuntji Art Centre in Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff), west of Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

Painting by Indigenous artist, Alice Nampitjinpa, 'Tali Tali', 1215 x 1215 mm, Acrylic on linen, © The Artist & Ikuntji Artists

‘Nampitjinpa’ returns to her country west of Walungurru (Kintore) as often as she can and is well respected for her knowledge, bush and painterly skills. Alice’s painting can be seen in Berlin from 12 July 2013 until September 2013 at ‘SUN FLYING’, A Bright Australian Desert Art Exhibition curated by Helen Read and Palya Art.

Text & Artwork © The Artist & Ikuntji Artists

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