Willie Gudupi & Moima Willie’s painting, untitled, Ngukurr (Roper River) South East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Palya Art 0623

Artists: Willie Gudupi & Moima Willie
Language: Alawa
Area: Ngukurr (Roper River) South East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled
Date: 1345 x 1115 mm
Medium: Acrylic pigment on canvas
Size: 1345 x 1115 mm
Ngukurr Arts
Palya Art No. 0623HR
Price: AUD $15,000.00


Willie Gudupi (1916 – 1996) 是阿拉瓦国家洞穴艺术遗址的托管管理人,位于马拉国家西部。1986年开始,Gudupi和其他来自恩格库尔的画家开始作画。渐渐地,Gudupi形成了一种独特、精巧和充满活力的绘画风格,类似于挂毯一样风格的绘画作品。1990年,Gudupi在墨尔本的威廉莫拉画廊举办了他的第一个个展。第二年,他的作品出现在了澳大利亚国家美术馆的展览中。1993年,Willie Gudupi获得了“黄金海岸城市艺术奖”和“爱丽丝奖”。这位艺术家的作品基本踏足所有澳大利亚本土的美术馆,包括墨尔本的维多利亚国家美术馆。

Moima Willie (1935 – ) 作为一个朴素的土著女性,她白天学习与工作,做园艺,照顾家庭与牧场的牲畜。当她和Willie Gudupi结婚的时候,她还非常年轻。从1987年开始,她开始协同丈夫一起作画,从某个角度来看,Willie Gudupi的功成名就,有一半是Moima Willie的功劳。

“Willie Gudabi (1916-1996) was born on Nutwood Downs Station. He grew up in Alawa country,
hunting and gathering on the margins of small cattle stations such as St Vidgeon, Bauhinia Downs, Nutwood Downs and Tanumbirini. Before he went to live at Ngukurr, Gudbai worked as a stockman at some of these stations, including Tanumbirini where he was initiated.

Gudabi was the custodian of cave art sites in Alawa country, which lies to the west of Mara country, south-west of Ngukurr and directly south of the Roper River. After experimenting with printmaking in 1986, Gudabi and other Ngukurr artists began to paint in acrylic on canvas, often working collaboratively with his wife Moima Willie (Ngalakan born c.1935). He soon developed an elaborate, vibrant style akin to tapestry. A figure that recurs in Gudabi’s work is Gurdang – one of the last survivors of the early contact period who left a legacy of rock art in Alawa country and was associated with a secret ceremony central to Gudabi’s paintings.

Gudabi held his first solo exhibition at William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, in conjunction with Alcaston Gallery in 1990. The following year his work was featured in Aboriginal Art and Spirituality at the High Court in Canberra and in Flash Pictures, an Australian National Gallery travelling exhibition. In 1993, the artist won the Gold Coast City Art Award and the Alice Prize, Alice Springs.


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