Abie Loy Kenmarre’s painting untitled from Utopia, Central Australia, Palya Art C-2856

Abie Loy Kenmarre Painting, 'Untitled', Utopia, Central Australia, Palya C-2856
Artist: Abie Loy Kenmarre
Language Group: Eastern Anmatyerre
Area: Utopia, Central Australia
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled
Medium: Acrylic paint on linen
Size: 1375 x 1370 mm
Palya Art No. C-2856
Price: AUD $16,000.00

Abie Loy Kemarre was born in 1972 and began painting in 1994 in the remote Aboriginal community of Utopia Station approximately 155 miles north-east of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Under the guidance of her grandmother, artist Kathleen Petyarre Abie Loy’s paintings have evolved over time into detailed, bold, delicate works of art portraying body painting, bush hens and bush leaves associated with her Anmatyarre culture.

Abie now lives at Mosquito Bore with her family. Abie speaks Eastern Anmatyerre and continues to paint her Grandfathers Dreaming; the bush hen and bush leaves. In 2002 Abie began a bolder style with her ‘Sandhills’ and ‘Body Painting’ series and then in 2006 she began to introduce ‘River’ to her paintings, these depict a dry river bed that previously flowed through her Country in Utopia. Abie Loy Kemarre’s unique style of art has brought her critical acclaim and she now stands at the cutting edge of the Australian contemporary art movement. Abie’s works are held in major collections all over the world and she has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.


Copyright for the work and its description is owned by the artist and his or her people.

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