George Ward Tjungurrayi’s painting, untitled, from Kiwirrkura, Walungurru (Kintore). Palya Art 2028HR

Artist:  George Ward Tjungurrayi
Language: Pintupi
Area: Western Desert of Central Australia
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled
Date: 2004
Medium: Acrylic pigment on linen
Size: 1830 x 2440 mm
Papunya Tula Artists
Palya Art No. 2028HR
Price on request.
George Ward Tjungurrayi’s painting demonstrates the development, as a senior desert man living deep in the world of cultural law, his own distinctive style that was “Like nothing seen before in the desert art movement: sombre, vibrant, ‘musical’, cerebral and shimmering” Papunya Tula Artists, Tjungurrayi’s community Art Centre states.
Born Circa. 1945 near Lararra, South East of Kiwirrkura in the Gibson Desert of Western Australia, Tjungurrayi watched his brothers Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi and Willy Tjungurrayi paint. Later in life the responsibility to paint Pintupi knowledge “fell squarely on George Ward Tjungurrayi’s shoulders”.
It is this shimmering movement that tells of the living vibrancy of Tjungurrayi’s country.
The big lake site of Kaakuratintja (Lake Macdonald), where the Tingari (wise, tutoring law men) travel on their way east, is often the subject of his paintings, as here.
A reticent, quiet Western Desert man, he has become one of the nation’s most admired and keenly collected artists. In 2004 Tjungurrayi won the prestigious 2004 Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
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