Hector Jandany Painting, ‘Ngarrgoorroon Label’ 2002, Warmun (Turkey Creek) East Kimberley WA Cat No: PALYA-1145HR

Hector Jandany Painting, ‘Ngarrgoorroon Label’ 2002, Warmun (Turkey Creek) East Kimberley WA Cat No: PALYA-1145HR

Artist: Hector Jandany
Area: Warmun (Turkey Creek) East Kimberley WA
Artwork is: Painting
Title: Ngarrgoorroon Label
Date: 2002
Medium: Natural ochre on linen
Size: 600 x 450 mm
Warmun Art Centre Cat No: WAC262/02
Playa Art Cat No: PALYA-1145HR
Price: $2800 AUD Including GST where applicable

Hector Jandany
Born C.1927 – 10th September 2006 Active Warmun, Western Australia. Hector’s father died whist he was still a baby; his mother remarried soon afterward. When he was about 10 years old he went with his relatives to Argyle to see the his father’s country. Jandany stayed there with his relatives for a long time and worked as a stockman. He changed jobs frequently, working on the Texas Downs station and as a cook. His position as a chairman at the school of Warmun had an important impact on his life. There he tried to reinforce the teaching of the local culture and he had a strong impact into the school.

Jandany’s art is strongly influenced by his personal experiences as well as the Aboriginal tradition. Thus, the country of his mother is a constant motif in his paintings. He also paints often traditional dreaming stories from the Ngarrgoorroon country. He was particularly known for using earth tones and for his restrained use of colour.

Source: Wikipedia

Hector was born in Warmun (Turkey Creek). His father was a Mirriwoong man from Newry. Hector never knew his father because he died when Hector was a baby. Hector’s mother was a Gija woman who was born at Warmun and who belonged to Ngarrgoorroon, country north of Purnululu (the Bungle Bungles). This is the country that Hector often paints.

Hector’s mother remarried when Hector was still a little boy, to a man from Springvale Station, whom Hector respected as a father while growing up. Then when Hector was approximately 10 years old, he was taken by his relatives and shown his father’s own country, which was Argyle, Newry, Mistake Creek, Texas Downs. Hector stayed with his relations for a long time, sometimes working as a stockman and sometimes walking back to Warmun to visit family.

Hector worked for many years on Texas Downs Station, mustering cattle and working as a camp cook. During the long years travelling and working in and around Texas and places to the north, Hector learnt many details of the Ngarrangkarni (Dreamtime) and ceremonial life. He is a very good story teller.

Copyright for the work and its description is owned by the artist and his or her people and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission.

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