Judy Napangardi Watson, painting ‘Karnta-Karnta’ 1996, Tanami Desert NT, Palya Art-0070HR

Judy Napangardi Watson, painting 'Karnta-Karnta' 1996, Tanami Desert NT, Palya Art-0070HR

Artist: Judy Napangardi Watson
Language: Warlpiri
Area: Tanami Desert NT
Artwork: Painting
Title: Karnta-Karnta
Date: 1996
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 1130 x 710 mm
Warnayaka Arts x/53
Palya Art No: 0070HR
Price: AUD $5,500.00

Karnta-Karnta (Women’s Dreaming) Yuendumu, Northern Territory

“This painting tells the dreamtime story about the women of Napangardi and Napanangka skin groups. These women gathered to take part in the initiation for the younger women. Older women of both
groups took the leading role in the ceremony. Their role is to teach and pass on traditional knowledge to the younger women. They appointed women who acted as police to make sure that the younger
women were taking notice. The U-shapes depict women. This dreaming country is Jayningke, Northern Territory.
(Source: Warnayaka Art Centre, Lajamanu, Northern Territory.)

A Thousand Journeys Travelling Exhibition Itinerary 1998 – 2001
Tin Sheds, Gallery, University of Sydney, 27 March to 18 April 1998
Tamworth City Gallery, 3 July to 9 August, 1998
Newcastle City Gallery, 4 November to 13 December 1998
Albury Regional Art Centre, 9 April to 9 May 1999
Mornington Peninsula Regiona Gallery, 6 June to 18 July 1999
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 30 July to 10 September 1999

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