Leo Melpi’s Didgeridoo from Wadeye, Port Keats N.T.  Palya Art C-2815

Leo Melpi's Didgeridoo from Wadeye, Port Keats N.T.  Palya Art C-2815

Artist: Leo Melpi
Language: Murrinh Patha
Area: Wadeye, Port Keats N.T.
Artwork: Didgeridoo
Title: Didgeridoo
Date: N/A
Medium: Natural earth pigments on wood
Size: 1330 mm
Palya Art C-2815
Price: AUD $1,100.00

Leo Melpi Maru was born in August 1935, a member of the Yek Maninh people of Wadeye (pronounced Wad-Aire), 320 kms southwest of Darwin. A region of monsoon and mangrove forests, beautiful pristine beaches, mountain ranges, floodplains and fluctuating rivers, parts of Mr Melpi’s country is considered still to be often inpenatrable.


Speaking Murrinh Patha as his first and main language, Mr. Melpi was a bark-painter in the 1980’s later becoming known for his ‘Pictorial Painting’, works of which are held in collections such as the National Gallery of Australia.


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