Lucky Ngwarra Morton’s painting, untitled, (Olden Times) from Ampilawatja, Central Australia, Northern Territory. Palya Art 1619HR

Lucky Ngwarra Morton Painting ‘Untitled (Olden Times)’ 2004, Ampilawatja, Northern Territory, Cat No: PALYA-1619HR

Artist: Lucky Ngwarra Morton
Language: Alyawarre
Area: Ampilawatja, Northern Territory
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled (Olden Times)
Date: 1999
Medium: Acrylic on linen
Size: 1200 x 995 mm
Ampilatwatja Artists
Palya Art No.: 1619HR
Price: AUD $3,850.00

Part of an extended family residing at outstations to the north of Utopia Aboriginal Land, Lucky Morton Kngwarreye, born Circa. 1952, is the eldest daughter of Mary Kemarre and Billy Morton Petyarre, and sister of Audrey Kngwarreye and Janice Kngwarreye. Born Circa. 1935, she has worked as a batik artist, a sculptor and painter and, since the 1990’s, has been represented in a number of group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Her work is included in collections at the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane), Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), Artbank (Sydney) and Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney). Her Dreamings include Mpwelarr (Rainbow) and Tyap lylarnayt (Grub from Acacia validinervia).    Source: Flinders University Art Museum Publication ‘Gooch’s Utopia: collected works from the Central Desert


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