Naata Nungurrayi’s painting untitled from Walungurru, Kiwirrkura. Palya Art C-2848

Naata Nungurrayi Painting, Untitled', Walungurru (Kintore) & Kiwirrkura, Western Desert, Palya C-2848
Artist: Naata Nungurrayi
Language Group: Pintupi
Area: Walungurru (Kintore) & Kiwirrkura in Australia’s Western Desert.
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled
Medium: Acrylic paint on linen
Size: 1800 x 2200 mm
Art Centre:
Palya Art C-2848
Price: AUD $24,000.00

Naata Nungurrayi – sister of artists George Tjungurrayi and Nancy Nungurrayi – was born at Kumil, West of Kiwirrkura (Pollock Hills) just over the 123 degree latitude South border into Western Australia. A Pintupi language speaker, Nungurrayi became one of the well known elders of the Walungurru (Kintore) women artist movement having started to paint in mid 1990’s.

One of Nungurrayi’s paintings appeared on Australia Post stamps in a 2003  in a special edition of Aboriginal art.

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