Hector Jandany’s painting, ‘Gardagoon Country’ from Warrmun in East Kimberley. Palya Art 0310HR

Artist: Hector Jandany (Chundaloo) Area: Warmun East Kimberley, Western Australia Artwork: Painting Title: Gardagoon Country Date: Pre.1992 Medium: Ochres on linen Size: 1000 x 800 mm Waringarri Arts Palya Art No. 0310HR Price AUD $8,800.00   This painting shows country … Continue reading

Dennis Nelson Tjakamarra’s painting ‘Water Dreaming at Kalipinpa’ from Western Central Australian Desert. Palya Art C-2823

Artist: Dennis Nelson Tjakamarra Language: Warlpiri Area: Western Desert Artwork: Painting Title: Water Dreaming at Kalipinpa Date: 1996 Medium: Acrylic paint on linen Size: 910 x 46 mm Palya Art No. C-2823 Price: AUD $2,950.00 The son of Johnny Warangkula … Continue reading

Lily Karedada’s Bark painting ‘Wandjina’ from Kalumburu, Northern Western Australia Palya Art 0028

  Artist: Lily Karedada Language: Woonambal DOB: Circa 1937 Area: Kalumburu, Kimberley, Western Australia. Artwork: Bark painting Title: Wandjina Date: 1995 Medium: Natuarl ochres on bark Size: 1040 x 600 mm Palya Art 0028 Price: AUD $4,950.00 According to I.M. … Continue reading

Turkey Tolson Tjuparrula’s painting, untitled, from Walungurru (Kintore), Western Deserts. Palya Art C-2824

Artist: Turkey Tolson Tjuparrula Language: Pintupi Area: Walungurru (Kintore), Western Deserts. Artwork: Painting Title: Untitled Date: 1997 Medium: Acrylic paint on linen Size: 460 x 910 mm Papunya Tula Artists TT970135 Palya Art No. C-2824 Price: AUD $2,900.00 Turkey Tolson … Continue reading

Crusoe Kurddal’s sculpture ‘Mimih Spirit’ from Maningrida, Central North Arnhem Land. Palya Art 1343HR

Artist: Crusoe Kurddal Title: ‘Mimih Spirit’ Date: 2003 Medium: Wood, natural ochre pigments & pva fixative Size: 2200 x 190 mm Maningrida Arts & Culture Palya Art No. 1343HR Price: AUD $4,800.00 Crusoe Kurddal, born in 1960, is a renowned … Continue reading

Daniel Gill, Didgeridoo, Western Victoria, Palya Art C-2814

Artist: Daniel Gill Area: Western Victoria Title: Didgeridoo Medium: Salmon gum Size: 1280mm Palya Art No. C-2814 Price: $790.00 Western Victoria Copyright for the work and its description is owned by the artist and his or her people. To Email or Forward this page … Continue reading

John Mandjuwi Gurruwiwi’s natural ochre painting ‘Wurrkadi & Maranydjalk’ from North East Arnhem Land. Palya Art C-0290

Artist: John Mandjuwi Gurruwiwi Area: North Northern Territory – Eastern Arnhem Land. Artwork: Painting Title: ‘Wurrkadi & Maranydjalk’ Date: 1997 Medium: Natural ochre pigments on canvas Size: 1790 x 1210 mm Elcho Island Art & Craft Palya Art C-2840 Price: … Continue reading

Larrakitj (Hollow Logs) by Djirrirra Wunungmurra from North Eastern Arnhem Land

Djirrirra (also known as Yukuwa) assisted her father, Yanggarriny Wunungmurra (1932 – 2003), in his Telstra Award winning painting of 1997 and continually up to his death in 2003. She has also assisted her brother Nawurapu Wunungmurra, but now primarily … Continue reading

John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi, ‘Stingray’ bark painting from Elcho Island, North East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0286HR

Artist: John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi Language group: Dhangu Area: Gika – North Northern Territory, Eastern Arnhem Land Artwork: Bark painting Title: Stingray Date: 1998 Medium: Natural ochres on bark Size: 1180 x 680 mm Elcho Island Art & Craft Palya Art  … Continue reading

Elizabeth Nyuguwana’s painting ‘Wagilag Sisters’ from Ramingining, Northern Territory. Palya Art 2236.

Artist: Elizabeth Nyuguwana Area: Ramingining, Northern Territory Artwork: Painting Title: ‘Wagilag Sisters’ Date: 2007 Medium: Earth pigments on bark Size:690 x 540 mm Bula’bula Arts Palya Art No. 2236 Price: AUD $600.00 The Wagalak sisters are creation sisters, they walked … Continue reading

Jarinyanu David Downs’ painting untitled from Southern Kimberley. Palya Art C-2809

Artist: Jarinyanu David Downs Artwork: Painting Date: 1987 Medium: Natural ochres on canvas Size: 1530 x 1220 mm Palya Art C-2809 Price: AUD $7,850.00 Jarinyanu David Downs was born in Western Australia near Lake Gregory south of The Kimberley in … Continue reading

Nora Wompi Nungurrayi’s painting ” from the Pilbara, Well 33. Palya Art 2490

Artist: Nora Wompi Nungurrayi Language: ManyjilyjarraArea: Pilbara Well 33  Artwork: PaintingTitle: Kunawarritji NgurraDate: 2011Medium: Acrylic pigment on canvasSize: 250 x 250 mmPalya Art 2490 Price: AUD $250.00  Nora has painted some of her traditional country, which is far to the south west of Balgo, … Continue reading