Peter (Bagigin) Newry’s painting ‘Jiyirl’ from Kununurra in Western Australia. Palya Art 2405

Peter (Bagigin) Newry's painting 'Jiyirl' from Kununurra in Western Australia. Palya Art 2405

Artist: Peter Newry (Bagigin)
DOB: 1939
Language: Miriwoong
Area: Kununurra, Western Australia
Artwork: Painting
Title: Jiyirl
Date: 2007
Medium: Natural ochres and acrylic binder on canvas
Size: 800 x 600 mm
Palya Art 2405
Price: AUD $1,800.00

Peter Newry was born in 1939 at Newry Station and lived there until 1989. He then moved on to Ivanhoe Station after which he settled at Jarnem Police Hole, near the Keep River National Park. It wasn’t until 2002 that Peter began painting on a regular basis.

Peter painted the true story and history of a land made during the Narrangnarni, the creation times. Each of his works is deeply connected to his spiritual understandings of the world. His understated and pared-back compositions are mysterious and elusive, and suggest the deep power held below the surface of country. The complexity of Peter’s work is evident in the intriguing fusion of strength and vulnerability. His elements of abstraction, gesture and uneven vulnerability of dotting in his compositions are ultimately deliberate, each serving a unique purpose.

Sadly, Peter Newry passed on 26 January 2012.   Courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts


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