Sam Tjampitjin, Painting, ‘Untitled’, Balgo Hills, Cat No: PALYA-2567HR

Sam Tjampitjin, Painting, 'Untitled', Balgo Hills, Cat No: PALYA-2567HR

Artist: Sam Tjampitjin
Area: Balgo Hills, Western Australia
Artwork is: Painting
Title: ‘Untitled’
Date: 1996
Medium: Acrylic polymer paint on canvas
Size: 750 x 500 mm
Warlayirti Artists
Palya Art No. 2567HR
Price: $1,800.00


Sam Tjampitjin was born north west of Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia Circa. 1925. Tjampitjin was an active senior artist in the mens painting group at Warlayirti Artists, Wirrimanu (Balgo Hills) in the latter years of his life.

Preferring to paint away from the bustling activity of the Art Centre, Sam and his cultural peers such as Johnny Mosquito Tjapangardi (who’s painting is to your right), would sit closely, concentrating on their paintings, singing theartwork’s story, checking each’s progress and accuracy. Text: Helen Read


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