‘Worlds Apart, Worlds Together’

“John Mawurndjul with Palya Art in Paris 2012 exhibition" © John-Mawurndjul and Palya Art.

John Mawurndjul’s Lorrkon (Hollow Log) radiates designs born from the artists homeland in the northern tip of Australia’s Northern Territory – Milmilngkan.

By enmeshment of the Mardayin ceremonial body design, his geometric aesthetic and features in the Kuninjku Clan landscape, John Mawurndjul’s art exudes immense tranquility and richness.

Above the artist’s Lorrkon hangs, here in Paris, a ‘Balanda’ (non-Indigenous) painting.

In it’s circular frame embedded in Art Deco surrounds, it delivers it’s own scene of peace and harmony. Worlds apart, worlds together.

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