Bai Bai Sunfly Shares Her Knowledge. Palya Art in Melbourne

Bai Bai Sunfly Napangardi 'Learning Us Up' - Version 2 – Version 4

New paintings, sculptures and etchings on rich paper from the artists’ owned Art Centres are now on show in Palya Art’s new unique spaces in Richmond, Melbourne.

The artists’ art pieces have been transported from remote community Art Centres to Palya Art by air, road and, from far northern reaches, by sea-barge boat. Heavy and light sculptures, large and small weavings, Morning Star Poles, complex and minimal line paintings – all selected personally – are now gathered here in Melbourne.

To make a time to see the exhibition, purchasing or not, or inspect maps, talk aircraft and discuss art touring acrossNorth Western Australia, please contact me through Palya Art.

Palya Art works in conjunction with approximately thirty different regional Art Centres and so the array of artworks takes time to see. For this reason people know they are welcome to return and view the exhibition at their own leisure.

The On Line Gallery is open. Packaging and global shipments are done simply and professionally should you choose a work.

Closer images and more details of the artworks are available by request.

For more details on Palya Art and Palya Art Tours’ work in remote areas in support of Indigenous artists and remote communities please see Palya Art’s Document,


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