Elcho Island Arts and Crafts

Elcho Island Arts and Crafts operates out of the Marthakal Arts Hub in Gali’winku, the main community on the island. Community operated since 1992, the primary function of Elcho Island Arts and Crafts is to support Yolngu artists to share their culture and derive an income from their creative endeavors. This is achieved through the collection, promotion and distribution of Aboriginal art and craft to a range of markets across Australia and overseas.

Barnumbirr (Morning Star Pole) by Henry Gambika Nupurra (Detail), © The Artist & Elcho Island Arts & Crafts, Photo by Helen Read 2007

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For 18 years, Elcho Island Arts and Crafts has worked with more than 350 Yolngu artists to create, exhibit and sell unique Aboriginal art locally, nationally and internationally.

Elcho Island Arts On the Map

Today, more than 125 artists from Galiwin’ku and surrounding Marthakal Homelands are actively engaged in the production of high quality traditional and contemporary artwork which they sell directly to Elcho Island Arts and Crafts for exhibition and distribution.

Fly across the glorious Arnhem Land coastlines to visit Elcho Island Arts and Crafts at Gali’winku

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