Indigenous Art Centres of Australia

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Widespread and varied in structure, aim and artistic practice, artists’ Art Centres play a vital role in remote communities across Australia. Providing material support and an administrative matrix for exhibition programs, artists build an environment for creative working, maintenance of culture and managerial success.

Aboriginal owned and controlled, the Art Centres’ managers are employed by the artists to ensure ethical marketing and sales of artwork. Arranging national and international exhibitions of Indigenous art, documenting and archiving collections, overseeing quality control of materials, organising medical care, purchasing vehicles and airplane tickets are but a few of the many other daily activities.

Artworks From Indigenous Art Centres

There are now more than seventy Aboriginal Art Centres located across north and north west Australia. Palya Art Tours has been working with over twenty three Art Centres during the past thirty years. We would like to support more, if only time and logistics allowed. It is good to see other art tours taking place in support of Art Centres – the more the merrier, when etiquette is observed.

Extensive lists of Aboriginal Art Centres in Australia are available via the:

Association of Northern, Kimberly and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA)
Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Arts and Craft Centres (Desart)

As a signatory to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct, Palya Art is committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous visual artists. We abide by the standards set out in the code.

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