Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Aboriginal Corporation

Mangkaja Art Centre is a thriving Kimberley Art Centre in the township of Fitzroy Crossing, southern Kimberly, an hours flight east of Broome.

Indigenous Painting by Daisy Jarrpjarru, 'Untitled', 755 x 490 mm, Acrylic on canvas, © The Artist & Mangkaja Arts, Palya Art Online Gallery

Palya Art’s Online Gallery

The Fitzroy community consists of Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Nyigina, Walmakarri, Njikena, Konejani and Waladjari speaking people.

Mangkaja Arts was first established in 1981 as an arm of the Karrayilli Adult Education Centre. The artists style of painting – broad planes of rich, highly juxstaposed colour with lateral landscape panoramas meshed with aerial views – is highly distinctive. Mangkaja Arts is a dynamic, heart-felt entity, rich in language, history, story telling and colour.

Artists depict their individual country and culture from the standpoint of history and the present day. The artists at Mangkaja Arts are acknowledged in many public and private collections for bold palettes, broad planes of highly juxtaposed colour and lateral landscape panorama’s merged with a birds-eye view.

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Aboriginal Corporation in Australia

The signature artistry from this area is to stand in front of the modern day with strong insights transporting the viewer to times long past.

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