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2015 Territory Q Magazine Article:


2015   To Listen to March 2015 ABC Radio National Books and Arts interview with Michael Cathcart go to:




2013  Exhibition invitation to ‘Living Watercolours’ The Namatjira Family Legacy. Southbank, London during performance ‘Namatjira’.






2012  The West Australian & The Age: Brandy Tjungurrayi Obituary. by Helen Read

2011  TBA

2010  TBA



2008 The Post. Western Australia. Time Out. Paintings Preserve a Culture. Sarah McNeill.





2007 The Australian.  Tjumpo Tjapanangka’s Obituary. by Helen Read for the family, Warlayirti Artists and Community.



Caroline_Baum_Article_The_Australian_Palya_Art_Tours_Didgeri_Air_Art_Tours _2007.2Caroline_Baum_Article_The_Australian_Palya_Art_Tours_Didgeri_Air_Art_Tours _2007.3

2007  The Australian Weekend. Flying Visits. Caroline Baum.



Adelaide_Advertiser_Margot_Osborne_2006Adelaide_Advertiser_Margot_Osborne_2006 3

2006  Adelaide Advertiser. Luminous Exhibition at Flinders University Art Museum.

2005    Art Collector. Profile.  Penelope Barker



Australian_Financial_Review_Desert_Dreams_Art_Direction_Sue_Neales_2004Australian_Financial_Review_Desert_Dreams_Art_Direction_Sue_Neales_2004 5Australian_Financial_Review_Desert_Dreams_Art_Direction_Sue_Neales_2004 3Australian_Financial_Review_Desert_Dreams_Art_Direction_Sue_Neales_2004 12004   The Australian Financial Review. Desert Dreams. Art Direction. Sue Neales




2003  Australian Financial Review. Lyndall Crisp.



Territory_Q_Magazine_Reaching_Out_Back_Dennis_Schultz_2002Territory_Q_Magazine_Reaching_Out_Back_Dennis_Schultz_2002 1

2002   Top Left Makinti Napanangka & Helen Read. top Right Dennis Schultz and Eubena Nampitjin. Balgo Hills. Ningie Nangala Painting at Warlayirti Artists, Wirrimanu (Balgo Hills) Western Australia.




The_Age_Extra_Travel_Dennis_Schultz_May_2001The_Age_Extra_Travel_Dennis_Schultz_May_2001 4The_Age_Extra_Travel_Dennis_Schultz_May_2001 5The_Age_Extra_Travel_Dennis_Schultz_May_2001 6Makinti_Napanangka_and_Helen_Kintore_photo_Dennis_Schultz

2001  Dennis Schultz The Age article.  Makinti Napanangka & Helen Read. Photo:Dennis Schultz 2001




National_Geographic_Traveller_David_Betzl_2000 1

2000  National Geographic Traveller. David Betz. New York.




2000 Australian Gourmet Traveller. Penelope Barker. September 2000





2000 The Bulletin Newsweek. Anthony Hoy April 2000



The Sunday Times UK March 1998

1998  The UK Sunday Times. Flights to the Music of Time. Juliet Raymond.




1998 UK Financial Times. September 1998 Lucia Van der Post.



Gourmet_Traveller _The_Jaguar_Award_July_1998

1998  Gourmet Traveller Jaguar Award.  Bottom left Helen with artist Andrea Martin Nungrurrayi at Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendumu. Looking at  Andreas artwork. Top, Helen with ‘Foxtrot Lima Uniform’ Cessna 185 taildragger, good for rough airstrips.  July 1998




State_of_The_Arts _Jeremi_Jeremy Eccles_A_Thousand_Journeys_1998State_of_The_Arts _Jeremi_Jeremy Eccles_A_Thousand_Journeys_1998 2State_of_The_Arts _Jeremi_Jeremy Eccles_A_Thousand_Journeys_1998 1

1998 State of The Arts. Jeremi Eccles.



Another Clash of Different Visions  April 1998

1998  Another Clash of Different Visions. Joanna Mendelssohn.



SMH  John McDonald April 1998 SMH  John McDonald April 1998 1

1998  Sydney Morning Herald. Spectrum Arts. Eyeing The Dots. John McDonald


A Thousand Journeys Touring Exhibition July 1998 1

1998  University of Sydney. A Thousand Journeys. Curator and author Pauline Guthrie.


AWPA Airnews March 1998

1998  Australian Women’s Pilot’s Association request for background to go into Airnews Magazine. March 1998





1997  Territory Business Magazine. Third Quarter




1993-6   Broome Advertiser.  TBA




The Age Weekend Review May 1995 1The Age Weekend Review May 1995 2

The Age Weekend Review May 1995 3

1995  The Age Weekend Review May 1995 (disappointed that after a wonderful trip meeting incredible people and seeing such fine examples of Indigenous art, and of such diversity, that this article was not more positive.)




1995  Vogue Magazine. Jonathan Parsons after flying Melbourne to Broome via Art Centres across central desert and Kimberley. TBA



Broome Advertiser 1993_Didgeri_Air_Arts_Now_Palya_Art_tours_Tour

1993    Broome Advertiser Darngku Heritage Cruise with Bruce left, Helen and Jack Ross




Far Horizons, July: Augst 1989  by Max Head

1989  Far Horizons Magazine. Max Head. July/ August 1989.   Fortunate to win Robin Miller Dicks assw RFDS Award for nurses who want to fly & work in remote areas.



Sunday Timestyle_Jack_Waterford_July_1985

Sunday Timestyle_Jack_Waterford_July_1985.1

1985  Canberra Times. Jack Waterford July 1985 whilst in Walungurru (Kintore) same time.



Helen Border Morning Mail Article 1984 1_2

1984   Border_Morning_Mail_Albury Airport. NSW




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