Ngukurr Arts

Lively visions of ceremonial events – birds, spirits, animals; ancestors, plant life, water; people, landscapes and maritime abundance – flow out of Ngukurr Arts as steadily as the passing Roper River.

Indigenous painting by Maureen Thompson, 'The Cave People', 400 x 570 mm, Acrylic on canvas, © The Artist & Ngukurr Art, Palya Art Catalogue N° C-2160, AUD $730

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Not widely known until recently, the Alawa artists colourful portrayals on canvas cloth through detailed placement of acrylic paint, have trickled into significant collections.

Willie Gudapi was one of the early painters, a senior Alawa speaking law man who, through frustration at his abundant country being seen by newcomers as empty, set about showing just how rich his world was.

Map locating Ngukurr Arts in Australia

Poetic, dramatic and often gridded to show clan land deliniations, the art of Ngukurr is an abundant feast for the eye and mind. Figures often relate to rock art that lies in the surrounding country, a carefully guarded entity.

Text by Helen Read. Artwork © The Artist & Ngukurr Arts

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