Colleen Kantawarra Nakamarra’s painting, untitled from Haasts Bluff, Central Australia. Palya Art C-2850

Colleen Kantawarra Nakamarra's painting, untitled from Haasts Bluff, Central Australia. Palya Art C-2850

Artist: Colleen Kantawarra Nakamarra
Language: Pintupi
Area:  Haasts Bluff, Central Australia
Artwork: Painting
Title: Untitled
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 1010 x 900 mm
Palya Art No. C-2850
Price: AUD $1,950.00

Colleen’s childhood in Papunya and later Haast’s Bluff was filled with days of hunting for bush tucker, a motif which is now richly represented in her works. Seeking out honey ants, bush bananas, bush tomatoes, bush onions, and bush berries as a child now informs the colors and shapes of Colleen

Nakamara Kantawarra’s abstracted realism paintings, which suggest to the viewer a land of milk and honey, rather than the spinifex desert of our coastal understanding. Working also with traditional designs, Colleen again demonstrates the importance of bush tucker dreamings, or the many bush tucker tjukurrpas, which map the diverse varieties of edible plants and animals found in her country.

Interpereting her stories, Colleen’s palette is rich and energised, often surprising, contemporary and deeply honest. Growing up in a family of painters, Collen was introduced to canvas and brush at an early age, and her dedication to her art is clearly visible in her works. One of the Ikuntji Artists’ Studios emerging artists Colleen Nakamara Kantawarra brings a fresh perspective to a deeply traditional artform.

Source: Ikuntji Artists

Copyright for the work and its description is owned by the artist and his or her people.

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