Fred Mathaman’s Painting ‘Cycad Tree’ from North East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0073HR

Fred Mathaman's Painting 'Cycad Tree' from North East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0073HR

Artist: Fred Mathaman
Language: Yolngu Matha
DOB: Unknown
Area: Galiwin’ku, (Elcho Island) Northern Territory
Artwork: Painting
Title: Cycad Tree (Dhuwa)
Date: 1996
Medium: Natural ochre pigments on canvas
Size: 1800 x 890 mm
Palya Art 0073HR
Price: AUD $8,800.00

Fred Mathaman was named as artist in information on file provided by  Nambara Arts, Cat 238Y. North East Arnhem Land.

A Thousand Journeys Travelling Exhibition Itinerary 1998 – 2001

Tin Sheds, Gallery, University of Sydney, 27 March to 18 April 1998
Tamworth City Gallery, 3 July to 9 August, 1998
Newcastle City Gallery, 4 November to 13 December 1998
Albury Regional Art Centre, 9 April to 9 May 1999
Mornington Peninsula Regiona Gallery, 6 June to 18 July 1999
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 30 July to 10 September 1999
Mildura Arts Centre, 15 October to 14 November 1999
Bathurst Regional Gallery,
Flinders University Art Museum, 24 February to 17 March 2001

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