Jarinyanu David Downs’ painting untitled from Southern Kimberley. Palya Art C-2809

Jarinyanu David Downs Painting 1987 Natural Ochres on Canvas. 1530 x 1220 mm ©TheArtist Palya Art C-2809

Artist: Jarinyanu David Downs
Artwork: Painting
Date: 1987
Medium: Natural ochres on canvas
Size: 1530 x 1220 mm
Palya Art C-2809
Price: AUD $7,850.00

Jarinyanu David Downs was born in Western Australia near Lake Gregory south of The Kimberley in the Great Sandy Desert. He spoke mainly Wangkajunga and Walmajarri languages and, in his youth, followed his family’s traditional desert dwelling lifestyle. In his early twenties Mr Downs began working on cattle stations in the Fitzroy Crossing area. During the 1960’s Jarinyanu started carving shields, boomerangs and coolamons before, in the 1980’s, picking up paintbrushes, ochres and acrylic paint. During his strong and creative career as an artist he painted in close narrative to his culture such as the rain making Kurtal spirit figures and aerial landscape views embedded with action. An enthusiastic teacher of traditional culture and lessons from the bible, Mr. Downs energy and passion is readily seen in his artwork.  Text: Helen Read


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