Jimmy Njiminjuma, Bark Painting ‘Untitled’, Balgo Hills, Western Australia, Playa Art-0069HR

Jimmy Njiminjuma, Bark Painting 'Untitled', Balgo Hills, Western Australia, Playa Art-0069HR

Artist: Jimmy Njiminjuma
Language: Kuninjku
Area: Balgo Hills, Western Australia
Artwork: Bark Painting
Title: Untitled
Date: 1994
Medium: Ochres on Bark
Size: 2200 x 210 mm
Maningrida Arts & Culture MAC 3986
Palya Art No: PALYA-0069HR
Price: AUD $9,900.00

Born Mumeka in Western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory 1947. Died Mumeka, Western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory 2nd October 2004.

Jimmy Njiminjuma is one of the most renowned artists from the western Arnhem Land region. For many years he lived with his father, Anchor Kulunba, at Mumeka outstation. Njiminjuma said that his
father and his uncle Peter Marralwanga showed him how to paint. In the 1980s Njiminjuma took a strong role in teaching his younger brother John Mawurndjul the art of bark painting. Njiminjuma later
established an outstation at Kurrurldul on Mimarlar Creek, a tributary of the Tomkinson River, south of Maningrida.

Njiminjuma was adept at painting a number of subjects, and one of his recurring themes is the yawkyawk. These figures are understood to be a kind of female water sprite, and the Kuninjku often
paint them with the forked tail of a fish and long flowing hair likened to the trailing waterweed of freshwater streams. In Yawkyawk, 2000, Njiminjuma depicted the form of the spirit being, embedded in the sacred landscape of Milmingkan, in his clan lands. The rarrk (crosshatched) designs at the left of the painting represent the banks of the waterhole, and the fork-tailed figure is shown outlined against a field of rarrk that represents the site.

Exhibited in the touring exhibition ‘A Thousand Journeys’ 1997-2018

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