John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi, ‘Stingray’ bark painting from Elcho Island, North East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0286HR

John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi, 'Stingray' 1998, Elcho Island, Cat No: PALYA-0286HR

Artist: John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi
Language group: Dhangu
Area: Gika – North Northern Territory, Eastern Arnhem Land
Artwork: Bark painting
Title: Stingray
Date: 1998
Medium: Natural ochres on bark
Size: 1180 x 680 mm
Elcho Island Art & Craft
Palya Art  0286HR
Price: AUD $5,800.00

John Mandjuwi Guruwiwi was born Circa. 1934 and died October 2000. His homeland was Gika, adjacent to Matamata which is set on a mangrove beach facing North across the Nalawarung Straits in far North Northeastern Arnhem Land. His Skin Group is Gawurr and language Dhangu and the spiritual themes John is related to are:

Wititj – The oldest human religious myth, the Rainbow Serpent which is key to Galpu identity. Its prism of colour in sinuous form summons the power of tempest and the shimmer of wet leaves.

Bol’ngu – In common with all Dhuwa clans, is a patch of dedicated rainforest which generates the cloud and merges with others to form Thunderman the embodiment of the monsoon cloud mass.

Banumbirr – The Morning Star (Venus) connecting Buralku – the island of the Dead with The Two Sisters with Wurrkadi, (pictured in the painting) larvae of the Horned beetle.


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