Djirrirra Wunungmurra & brother Nawurapu Waunungmurra’s sculpture Larrakitj from Yirrkala, far North East Arnhem Land.

Larrakitj by Djirrirra Wunungmurra and her brother Nawurapu Waunungmurra From Yirrkala in far North East Arnhem Land

Larrakitj are sculptures that originate as trees in stringybark forests. Hollowed out by termites, the trees selected for Larrakitj are usually harvested after the dry season fires.

A cultural cycle then begins as the trunks are smoothed and shaped until the surface is ready to be painted in ochres. Each completed Larrakitj is an imposing presence.

Covered in iconic imagery of sea and land, saltwater and freshwater, Larrakitj present a deeply layered experience of people, places and clans from Blue Mud Bay to Arnhem Bay.

The past decade has been revolutionary for Larrakitj, which are now among the most powerful aesthetic objects in contemporary Australian art. Their realm of importance now reaches far beyond their historical origins in traditional funeral rites.
Source: Buku Llarngay Mulka.

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