Lily Nungarrayi Yirdingali Jurrah Hargraves’ painting ‘Bush Vine Dreaming’ from Lajamanu in the Northern Territory. Palya Art 2562HR

Lily Nungarrayi Yirdingali Jurrah Hargraves' painting 'Bush Vine Dreaming' from Lajamanu in the Northern Territory. Palya Art 2562HR

Artist: Lily Nungarrayi Yirdingali Jurrah Hargraves
Language: Warlpiri
DOB: Circa 1930
Area: Lajamanu, Northern Territory
Artwork: Painting
Title: Lajamanu, Northern Territory
Date: Circa 1996
Size: 1310 x 955 mm
Palya Art 2562HR
Price: AUD $5,500

Lily Nungarrayi Yirringali Jurra Hargraves is a senior Warlpiri woman of striking force. Having created an extraordinary body of artwork she remains a sharp hunter-gatherer fine-tuned to the sensativities and demands of her country in the Tanami Desert.

Keen to educate others about her Walpiri culture Lily Hargraves has for decades set about sharing her lore, knowledge of country and Jukurrpa – intellectual DNA or ‘Dreaming’. Lily’s Jukurrpa include water, duck ponds and bush turkeys. She works fast, confidently and powerfully when painting and is a force hunting and dancing.
Text: Helen Read  2017

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