Peggy Napangardi Jones’ painting ‘Snake’ from the Tennant Creek area in the Northern Territory. Palya Art 1151HR

Peggy Napangardi Jones, Painting, 'Snake' 2002, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Cat No: PALYA-1151HR

Artist: Peggy Napangardi Jones
Area: Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
Artwork: Painting
Title: Snake
Date: 2002
Medium: Acrylic on linen
Size: 600 x 600 mm
Julalikari Arts
Palya Art No: 1151HR
Price: AUD $3,300.00

Peggy Napangardi Jones was born in country around Phillip Creek, north of Tennant Creek. This area is her mangaya (country, Dreaming held from her father). Her mother’s Warlpiri country lies between Tennant Creek and Elliot, while her grandmother’s Mudpurra country lies further north.

Napangardi stayed in her father’s country with her family until she was a young woman; “When I was a kid I was living in the bush – no school…”.

Then the family moved out from Phillip Creek and walked to Brunchilly Station, where her mother worked as a servant. Later they moved to Banka Banka Station, moving back and forth between Banka Banka and Brunchilly, living on bush tucker.

As a young woman, Napangardi went with her father and mother to Alekerenge where she married a Warumungu man. In 1970 Napangardi and her husband moved to Tennant Creek, where their three children were born.

In 1996 Napangardi joined the Julalikari CDEP Women’s Art & Crafts Program located in the ‘Pink Palace’ at Tennant Creek and was introduced to a range of modern mediums, including silk painting, various forms of printmaking, acrylic painting on canvas, and pottery.


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