Pukurny Mick Gill Tjakamarra’s painting ‘Balgo Law Country’ from Balgo Hills, Western Australia. Palya Art 0475

Pukurny Mick Gill Tjakamarra's painting 'Nyuntunpar ' from Balgo Hills, Western Australia. Palya Art 0475


Artist: Pukurny Mick Gill Tjakamarra
Language: Kukatja
Area: Balgo Hills, Western Australia
Artwork: Painting
Title: Balgo Law Country
Date: 1997
Medium: Acrylic on linen
Size: 900 x 600 mm
Warlayirti Artists 208/97
Palya Art No. 0475
Price: AUD $750.00


Mick Gill was born Circa. 1920 and died in 2002 after witnessing extraordinary changes to his Traditional life following the arrival of non Indigenous people, (Kartiya). A quiet man with a broad smile he was married to Susie Bootja Napaltjarri; they both painted at the Wirrimanu (Balgo Hills) community Art Centre, Warlayirti Artists in Western Australia. He spoke the Kukatja language and was one of a serious group of senior law men who would sit separately from the women, bowing over with intensity to ‘paint the story right’.

Warlayirti Artists state: “His paintings frequently show soak holes, rockholes and claypans associated with the area. These are believed to have been formed during the Tjukurrpa or Dreamtime and hold significance that is explained in Men’s Ceremonies.

Mick is an important rain man and keeper of the Law. The painting shows the flow of water through the country and its connections at various watering points”.

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