Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, established in the early 1980s by senior artists of the east Kimberley region, is a thriving place of art and culture.

Aboriginal painting by Phyllis Ningarmara, 'Woorrewoorrem - Wet Season', 1800 x 800 mm, Natural ochre & pigments on canvas, © The Artist & Waringarri Arts
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On Mirawoong land ‘Waringarri’ is the first indigenous owned Art Centre established in the Kimberley region.  Waringarri is one of the oldest continuously operating Art Centres in Australia.

Situated in Kununurra, in the heart of Miriwoong country, Waringarri artists share the importance of country and culture  while exploring a celebration of colour through highly prized natural ochres.

Map locating Waringarri Aboriginal Arts in Australia

Lively composition and individualism marks contemporary Warlingarri paintings. The Art Centre is wholly indigenous owned supporting economic independence. All proceeds from sales are returned to the community.

Text by Helen Read. Artwork © The Artist & Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

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