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Warlukurlangu Artists’ Art Centre lives in Yuendumu, a southern Northern Territory community in Australia on the far reaches of south west Tanami Desert. Warlukurlangu is a stronghold of traditional Warlpiri culture.

An essential part of Yuendumu’s community life, Warlukurlangu’s well established profile has come about from exhibiting widely and producing a number of publications on the artists work and lives.

With surrounding areas often alight with bushfires, the Art Centre aptly takes the word ‘Warlukurlangu’, meaning ‘belonging to fire’, as its name.

Indigenous painting by Dorothy Napangardi, 'Mina Mina Jukurrpa (Mina Mina Dreaming) - Ngalyipi', 1070 x 1070 mm, Acrylic on linen, © The Artist & Warlukurlangu Artists
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Paintings embedded with desert tracks, iconic traces, mapping charts, animate and inanimate life, are colourfully set down for teaching new generations, aesthetic pleasure, commerce, archiving and sheer joyful reasons.

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Established in 1985, and governed by more than six hundred members, Warlukurlangu has flourished with the strength, resilience, generosity, formidable knowledge and patience of the artists.

Text and images © The Artist & Warlukurlangu Artists

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