What Does ‘Palya’ Mean?

‘Palya’ is a Pintupi language word meaning ‘good’. The word ‘Palya’ is also a way of greeting. For instance, seeing someone again one would say “Palya?”  an answer might be “Yuwa” – meaning yes – ‘Palya’.

Palya Art’s Logo

Helen Read designed Palya Art’s logo after being given a coolamon by Narpulla Scobie Napurrula in 1985 in Walungurru (Kintore) in the Gibson Desert.

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A coolamon is a carved trough of wood used for multiple purposes. Coolamons are useful for Aboriginal women to winnow grain or carry bush food. They were also used to cradle babies.

Narpulla Scobie Napurrula presented this coolamon to Helen as a gift for her work as nursing sister in Walungurru (Kintore) in the Northern Territory and Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia, for the Pintupi Homelands Health Service.

Palya Art’s logo incorporates each end of Narpulla Scobie Napurrula’s coolamon with the Southern Cross.

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Narpulla Scobie Napurrula, Coolamon, 270 x 720 mm, Acrylic on sculpted wood, © The Artist & Kintore Community, Palya Art Catalogue N° PALYA-0159HR
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