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Palya Art facilitates introductions to Indigenous artists living in remote areas across North West Australia and places fine artworks into private collections. 百丽雅艺术馆向内陆引进介绍了生活在澳大利亚西北部偏远地区的土著艺术家们,并将精美的艺术品们呈现给大众。
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Palya Art Tours Departing From Warmun Airstrip
Lily Hargraeves Painting
Palya Art is an established entity in Indigenous art, Indigenous art tourism, exhibitions and collections. Flying across North West Australia, Palya Art Tours works with more than 35 widespread, culturally diverse Art Centres and is the only full time professional air art tour operator in Australia.
Palya艺术是原住民艺术、原住民艺术旅游、展览和收藏的一个综合多面体。百丽雅艺术游 (Palya Art Tours)在澳大利亚西北地区飞行,拥有超过35个分布广泛、文化多样的艺术中心,是澳大利亚唯一的专职空中艺术旅游公司。

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