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Lindsay Malay, Painting. ‘Sugarbag (Bush Honey)’. Natural Ochre on canvas. 700 x 450 mm. Image © The Artist.

Palya Art. C-2797. $490.00 AUD Incl. GST

Lindsay Malay, Painting. ‘Bulgundi’. Natural Ochre on canvas. 700 x 450 mm. Image © The Artist.

Palya Art. C-2795. $490.00 AUD Incl. GST

Rammey Ramsey, Painting. ‘Walawoon’. Natural Ochres on Canvas. 900 x 1200 mm. Image © The Artist.

Palya Art. C-2793. $10,950.00 AUD Incl. GST

The Palya Art Experience

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Palya Art's Online Gallery

Explore a selection of artworks for sale by emerging and renowned Indigenous Australian artworks.

Palya Art Tours

Palya Art is a fine art tour company that facilitates respectful interactions across North Western Australia.

We work with Aboriginal Australian artists through their own remote area community Art Centres in cross-cultural exchanges and in supporting Palya Art’s national and international fine art exhibitions to reach new audiences.


About Palya Art

Palya Art supports and promotes Indigenous artists and Indigenous run Art Centres in northwest Australian Aboriginal communites. Commercial exhibitions are held yearly in Australia and internationally.

Palya Art Tours facilitates meetings with artists on ‘Country’. Artists, communities and visitors benefit by increased enjoyment and understanding of Indigenous art and culture.


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