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People say it is a ‘Journey of a Lifetime’.

Palya Art Tours flies to remote area Indigenous communities across North Western Australia to meet with First Nation artists in a mutually-respectful environment.

Three days fully inclusive from Departure to Arrival back in either Darwin, Alice Springs or Broome, costs $6,600.00

Facilitating Introductions

Palya Art Tours specialises in providing the support network and logistics for visitors and Indigenous artists to meet. Fly over breathtaking country to connect with people living the worlds most continuous cultural and artistic practice.

Experiencing Diverse Indigenous Art and Culture. You might like to view the Blog Updates on this website for an idea of the people we meet and country we see.

Flying to widespread communities across northwest Australia, passengers experience remote area living and distinctly different cultures.

Diverse art styles and meaning can be discussed with the artists or through interpreters. Exchanges frequently lead to ongoing associations with the communities. Collections of artwork often begin through the life enhancing experience of being on land with cultural custodians and artists.

Often further art tours are taken because of the joy, richness and learning experienced.

Exploring and Discovery

Palya Art Tours works with Indigenous-managed Art Centres and community councils across north, north western and central Australia.

Fly to the pristine wetlands of Arnhem Land, Stone Country around Gunbalanya, estuary lands adjacent to the the Timor Sea, Central Australian deserts and rocky escarpment Kimberley.

You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase unique artworks by internationally-renowned painters, sculptors, weavers and emerging artists from Indigenous-owned Art Centres.

Flying from Broome, Darwin or Alice Springs the art tours are three days long and cost $6,600.00

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Small groups of between 5 and 7 travel by professionally-maintained and piloted light aircraft and 4WD vehicles.

Fellow travellers come from all walks of life. People come in groups or individually, from Australia and all over the world. Strong friendships are often made and sometimes lives changed with on-going interaction, even employment within the communities.

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What people say about Palya Art Tours

The richness of it all

“… I also wanted to say a big thank you for leading us on such a wonderful trip – I found it fascinating and thought provoking and loved meeting the artists and seeing such a diversity of art and country. I enjoyed it all, and having two expert pilots on board was certainly reassuring! So thanks for your help with that too. It has left me with a lot of things to think about and my appreciation of Indigenous art has increased all the more for seeing some of the country and meeting the people who have created it. Thanks for your efforts with the food, accommodation and linking up with the local communities and Art Centre conveners. Your experience showed through and I feel fortunate to have been able to visit the places we did. All the best for your next adventures and hope to see you in Sydney some time!”

(Kathy, Sydney, Australia)

Lasting memories

“I went on a Palya Art tour some 15 years ago and even after such a long time the memory of this remarkable experience is still as fresh with me as if it happened just yesterday. It was truly extraordinary to see first hand where all this wonderful Aboriginal Art comes from and to meet the people who have created these masterpieces. Helen, who has since become a great friend, made the trip really enjoyable. Her professionalism and vast knowledge of Indigenous art made the trip a true learning experience for me. I could not recommend the Palya Art tour highly enough to anyone who wants to broaden their appreciation of Aboriginal Art.”

(Aaron Kamienko, Melbourne, Australia)

An incredible privilege

“The forces were with me in 1998 when I was given a West Australian arts fellowship which meant, ‘Wow’, I’ve got money from the government to go on one of Helen’s amazing trips to the Aboriginal communities”, which changed my life as an artist and continues to feed me more than a decade later. I went on a trip led by Helen, along with other collectors, and felt quite humbled at the time to think it took 50 years and a West Australian fellowship to travel to the heart of Australia. Words cannot express what an incredible privilege it was to have experienced such a journey. Having had no education in all the proceding years regarding Indigenous culture, it made me realise these people make such an invaluable contribution to the arts and culture in Australia, it was such a privilege to visit these remote Aboriginal communities and outstations in the desert, meeting with artists and absorbing such a richness of culture. To have the experience and the knowledge that Helen imparts on such a journey is totally enlightening. It teaches you and awakens you to such a code of respect between yourself and our Indigenous fellows…[…]…Helen holds an utmost respect for the people of the communities being visited and has an intimate understanding of their social protocols – a mutual respect of which has been formed over many years.”

(Pippin Drysdale, Perth, Australia)

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More featured art

Willie Gudupi & Moima Willie’s painting, untitled, from the Ngukurr area, South East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0245HR

Willie Gudupi & Moima Willie’s painting untitled from the Ngukurr area, South East Arnhem Land. Palya Art 0625HR

Yulurlu Lorna Napurrurla Fencer’s painting ‘Kangaroo Tucker’ from Lajamanu, Northern Territory, Palya Art C-2844

Yulurlu Lorna Napurrurla Fencer’s painting, ‘Yarla’ (Bush Potato), from Lajamanu, Northern Territory. Palya Art C-2853


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